Grandma Josie's Light Snack, Luncheon Menu & High / Low Tea Menus

Grandma Josie's offers her patrons a nostalgic setting to enjoy a light snack anytime and cozy luncheons by reservation. Much of the preparation is done on the premises, in a new and pristine kitchen tucked away in the back of the shop. For more elaborate culinary selections, there is a caterer right next door!

Time stands still at Grandma Josie's, as customers leisurely enjoy their warm beverages and select menu items. Stay for just an hour or relax all day with the sweet aromas of chocolate and sweetness accompanied by music from the Big Band era to today's top 40 hits! Live piano music available by request as well! Come and make your own special memories because at Grandma Josie's, we are so much more than your favorite candy store!

Low Tea Menu

All the Goodness of Grandma's

  • Low Tea $5.00 / Person

    Scones: Flavor of the week

    Biscotti: Flavor of the week

    Beverages: Choice of flavored coffees, variety of teas and hot cocoa

Snack Menu

Just the Right Amount

  • Croissants and Scones $3.50

Lunch Menu

Call Ahead Sandwich Orders are Suggested

  • Light Luncheon $9.99 / Person

    Sandwiches: Chicken salad or tuna salad on multi grain or gluten free breads garnished with olives and oversized kettle chips

    Beverages: Choice of flavored coffees, variety of teas and hot cocoa
    Dessert: Chocolate Chunk Cookies OR a scoop of one of our our gourmet ice cream and frozen treat flavors



  • Lake Champlain & Grandma Josie's $3.10


  • Belgian Chocolate, Penuche, Peanut Butter $4.95

    (Seasonal flavors-pumpkin, Bailey's Irish Cream, crushed Cadbury egg)

Everything Else

  • Peanut Butter Cups (large) $4.00

    Crispery Cakes $4.99

    Homemade Almond Pattie Pies By Weight

    Caramel Turtles By Weight

    Coconut Clusters By Weight

    Peanut Clusters By Weight

    Peanut Brittle By Weight

    Loose Candy By Weight

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries $

    Seasonal or Special Order

Main Menu

Sandwiches & More!

  • Call ahead and order lunch with one of our delicious sandwiches.


  • Black and White $1.99

    Chocolate Chunk $0.89

    Biscotti $0.99

Variety of Beverages

  • Fancy Sodas $2.00

    Flavored Coffees $1.50

    Tea $1.25

    Flavored and Organic Teas $1.50

    Hot Cocoa (To Go) $1.50

    With marshmallows or whipped cream - $1.75
    Seated with service and a fancy pedestal mug - $2.00

Ice Cream

  • Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches $3.75



    Ice Cream Floats $5.50

    One of our favorite desserts as a kid


    Milkshakes $4.99

    Rich, Flavorful, Refreshing


    Pre-Made Gourmet Cones $3.60

    Plus: Ice cream bars, Belgian chocolate dipped cones and cups! Seasonal party ice cream cakes!



    Ice cream sundaes priced by scoops and toppings. $2.50 & up
    Fro-yo, lemon sorbet and a variety of French ice cream selections.

    Ice Cream by the Scoop   Ice Cream Offering